Following the years I spent travelling the world, I initiated this project as a response to ‘the six degrees of separation’, to explore the connections that link us all and how both the growth of the internet and travel are making those connections (and the world) smaller.
Using the diverse people I met on my travels as a starting point, I tracked three chain letters around the globe as they collected information on cultures, countries and human connections.
As the project picked up pace and reached further and further afield, a simple questionnaire compiled data about each person’s life and their home. Each participant then selected the next person in the chain. I designed a book for each route, featuring all the collected information and facts. 
The map charting the three routes of the project.
The cover of each book portrays the trajectory that the chain took across the world – imagine an invisible world map in the background.
Each participant provided a description of their physical appearance. The very talented, Cambridge based illustrator Aurora Cacciapuoti created an illustration of each person based purely on these descriptions.
I also designed a postcard for every location the project visited. On the back of each are the hand-written thoughts of each person about the place they call home.
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