This brief was to create a promotional campaign for a new range of coloured paper by Fedrigoni, which mainly comprised of a piece of direct mail. Instead of showing the benefits of using colour, which is often taken for granted anyway, I decided to twist the brief on its head and show what life would be like without any colour.
The project portrays an alternate future where an evil, totalitarian government is in charge. The government has banned self-expression, individuality and creativity to expand its power and make sure everyone obeys it.
Also featured in the story are a group of rebels who are fighting against the government using colour and creativity to defy them. Fedrigoni supply these protesters with their coloured paper to make all kinds of posters, zines and origami sculptures.
The project comes enclosed in a time-capsule style box, it contains a timeline book which tells the whole story plus different printed items from both the evil government and the creative rebels.
The timeline of events starts in the present day so that people can relate to how our economy is in crisis. The recipient will see that this future world without colour isn’t so far fetched. The timeline book records the story in the UK between the years 2012 and 2035, and follows the mysterious MONO Corporation's rise to power.
The items inside the time-capsule are split between the bleak, monochrome government items and the colourful rebel's items. The MONO items include propaganda posters, a 'unity handbook' stating the rules for all citizens and personal stationery of the new British Prime Minister, Dominic Gray.

MONO Stationery

Unity Handbook

The rebels are a group of underground protesters, working together to defy the government and using their creativity to start a 'Colour Revolution'. Their items in the time-capsule include protest posters, hand-made zines and origami eagles. The eagle becomes a symbol for the rebel movement and for the freedom they long for.

Illegally produced protest zines.

The bottom of the time-capsule reveals the intent of the promotion and that every piece of colourful paper used in the project is from the new 'Imaginative Colours' range of Fedrigoni papers. It is hoped that this project will inspire creativity in the recipient and open their eyes to the power of colour.
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